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In August this year good friends got married and I had the pleasure to be one of the two official photographers for this big event.

Shooting a wedding isn’t that simple. You know, this is THE DAY for two people so you want (or have) to create THE BEST IMAGES EVER. Mistakes are not allowed. Sometimes, when shooting landscapes I forget to disable auto bracketing for HDR, and when I look at the images afterwards I find some overexposed and underexposed images which can go to the trash directly. This is something that must not happen when taking images for a wedding.

So, before this wedding, I checked everything. I formatted all my SD cards, charged all batteries, cleaned the lenses. I took all my (and my girlfriends) camera gear with me, from tripods to softbox to remote release. I went there much too early, so that I could take some test images of other people in that location. I played around with different lenses, took images with flash and without flash, just to get familiar with the light conditions.

In the end, my setup was simple: most of the time I used the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 fixed focal length lens. I like its bokeh and I think it’s perfect for shooting people, but before I decided to use this lens, I made sure that the other official photographer used a zoom lens or at least something with a wider angle. With a 50mm lens on a crop sensor the images are quite detailed, but I think when looking at images of a private event, people also want photos that give them an overview of the location, the guests, etc.

Just to be on the safe side I had my 580 EX II Speedlite mounted on my camera but since the weather was perfect for a wedding on this day – blue sky and sunshine; great light conditions among the shades – the flash was off most of the time.

When looking at the images today, I am very happy with the result but without the preparation or with one of my other lenses, the result would be much different.

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