Ballintoy harbour

Ballintoy Harbour is a nice little harbour on Irelands northern coast. When we tried to go there for the first time, we couldn’t even get nearby and take a look from the distance. We’ve been stopped by a security officer and all he said was “They’re filming”, expecting that the rest of the story was clear to us. But sorry, nope. So, maybe we were the first people who came by that day who asked for more information. “Game of thrones!” was the brief answer. Ok!

Luckily we planned to stay some more days on the northern coast, so we could get there on our last day before continuing our road trip along the coast. I took this wonderful picture while the film crew put away the last kilometers of cables behind me.

A TV series playing at this wonderful scenery… I think I should give it a try :-)

Photography art by Benjamin Hubert