cold evening in Vienna

Yesterday evening it was too cold here in Vienna for sitting outside of this nice Swiss restaurant. It was even a bit too cold for my honey to go out for a photowalk but it was not a big thing to persuade her. Why it was easy? It was my new camera (and the fact that she could use the old one)!

I have to say, this image won’t make it into my all-time-favourite list but it’s the result of a big decision I made: switching to the full frame sensor world. Basically wide angle photography was the reason for this step and since the walk yesterday, I know, it was the right decision. In the next few months I want to dive deeper into landscape and architecture photography and I’m sure there will be much for me to learn.

At yesterdays walk I didn’t expect to take the best shot of my life. I just wanted to get familiar with the new 6D and this is one of my first results with the new gear.

Photography art by Benjamin Hubert