winter in Vienna

Snow in Austria is nothing special but here in Vienna it is. And it’s more exceptional that the snow remains on the ground for more than half a day. So, when I heard the weather forecast some weeks ago I got excited. They told it will be snowing the whole night and advised all people to not use their cars in the morning if they can because they expected traffic jams all over the city.

This was what I waited for the last weeks! While probably most people got crazy, I got happy. I prepared my camera, charged all batteries, packed everything and set the alarm clock for 3am.

At 3am, the alarm rang. I got up immediately (which is very unusual for me) and looked out of the window. There was snow, but not much. So I thought, ok give them one more hour. I set the alarm for 4am and went to bed again. At 4am same again. I got up, looked out of the window, but there was not more snow than before. I did the same one more time and then gave up.

But the day after this night was really great. It snowed and snowed and yeah, that was what I waited for. I put on my warmest clothes took my bag with my camera and went out. I really enjoyed the hours I spent in this white city. It was so silent on this day. Everything looked so special. And even if most of the people where upset because of this weather, for me it was a calm day.

This time the snow remained for more than one week. For me, it was a great winter. Today I heard they still have very much snow in Tirol, but here in Vienna it already feels more like spring.

Photography art by Benjamin Hubert