oil tanks

This was in August 2012. My brother and I wanted to take some pictures of planes landing at the airport (VIE) in the evening sun. There are many paths through the fields around the airport. Our plan was to use them to get as near as possible. What we didn’t knew (but I expected it) was, that driving is not allowed on these streets. Anyway, we ignored this ban but the police was waiting for us…

So, it was a bit more difficult than expected to get a good view over the runway and when we found a good place, the sun was already asleep. So we decided to drive back home again but on our way home we stopped in Mannswörth to take some pictures of the beautiful illuminated refinery there.

Here you see some of those oil tanks there with the lights of the traffic on motorway A4. If you know this view and miss the logo of the oil company (OMV) on the first tank, you’re right: I removed it. Not because I want an ad-free image, but I like the contrast between the fire monitor and the lighted wall of the tank.

Photography art by Benjamin Hubert