it's gonna be a long flight

Sunset at the Panoramastraße in Lower Austria. This was in September 2012. I wanted to take some images of the corn fields with the sun but when I arrived I saw that most of the fields already have been cropped. So, the result of this trip is a bit different: No corn and also the sun is already gone.

Even though there was no corn, it was a great evening. I enjoyed the view, the sunset and the silence of this location. I took many pictures of the fields and the hills and finally I shot some pictures of the sunset itself. While standing there with my tripod, shooting one image after another I noticed those planes, all flying in the same direction creating wonderful looking jet trails. The sun was already behind the hills, only some clouds in the sky reflected its light. However, this was the time I created this image and for me it was the best shot this evening.

Photography art by Benjamin Hubert