Sometimes I’d like to live somewhere else but not in Vienna. There are so many beautiful places in this world – even here in Austria. So many places where you can take beautiful pictures. So many places that are special in some kind. But here in Vienna there is nothing, that’s special. Really? No! The truth is, I often don’t see the special things.

The Strudlhofstiege (german version) is one of the places, where I had to realize this. For me it wasn’t there before a friend of mine told me about it, but I was impressed when we went there one night. We took many pictures and this is one of them (no it’s not the wrong picture; it’s the fish of the water fountain of the Strudlhofstiege).

In fact it’s just another art nouveau outdoor stair. But for me, it’s special, because I was there only one time in my life. Not sure what I mean? Let’s talk about Schloss Schönbrunn. It’s the most-loved tourist attraction here in Vienna. It’s a special place for almost every tourist. But it’s not really a special place for me. It’s always there. I often drive by and I already was there for many times.

So, often I have to realize, it’s great where I am. There are so many special places here in Vienna, I just have to find them.

Photography art by Benjamin Hubert