hard work

hard work

Before we went on summer holiday this year I thought about what I should take with me – especially what camera gear ;-) As I already wrote in my last post, we stayed in Ramsau am Dachstein, a nice village in a beautiful landscape. So this was the key that helped me with my decision: I prepared for extending my skills in landscape photography.

I grew up with digital photography¹, so, all my experience was digital and all filters I used so far were digital too. I also often heard, with digital photography filters are unnecessary, because with Photoshop you can apply them afterwards. Yes. Most of them. But in landscape photography there are some important filters that can’t be replaced with software.

So, on the day before our journey I went to some local photography stores here in Vienna to equip with neutral density filters and – yes of course – a polarizer. And it was a great idea! I had much fun with these filters and took many pictures of mountains, lakes and waterfalls. But also other scenes like this snow groomer on the glacier. When I got along this machine I had the polarizer attached to the camera which resulted in this extreme colorful image. I really like these saturated colors but also the angle and the well chosen aperture (causing the star effect at the lights).

Even if it’s not really landscape photography, it’s one of my favourite images of our holidays.

¹ Ok, not really: my first camera was a film point-and-shoot camera, but because this camera had just one button, it wasn’t really photography for me.

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