an ATmega16 with many LEDs and some cables


It’s a long time since I’ve posted my last image. Here’s the reason: a microcontroller. It wasn’t exactly this microcontroller which I spent my time with – this is my own one – but I attended a microcontroller course at the university. I learned a lot but it was much work. I created a game (a lightweight version of Nemesis – maybe some of you remember it) using a GLCD for output, a bluetooth module for connecting a WiiMote, an MP3 board for playing annoying sound, an ADC for generating random values, and so on. Everything was wired to a BigAVR6 development board and an ATmega1280 which I had to program.

In another task I also used a smart display connected via UART, touch screens for user interaction and some other modules. I had to work with TinyOS, C and yes, cumbersome but efficient Assembler.

I enjoyed it, but now I’m happy that it’s over and I have time again for other stuff like photography.

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